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Lick The Future's Lips
(2021 - Reveal Records - UK)

John Elliott is another brilliant song writer/musician, who is not only able to sing his musical portraits as they could only be presented most precious to the world, but to also attach the instrumentation in such a beautiful, gentle, and precisely perfect way. This 2021 release continues to spill over in emotional toil, contrast of hurt and sweet love, coming close to being an American version of a gentler Neil Young, sometimes moving down the pathway of a David Crosby, yet swinging the door much wider for deep, at dark depths, then surfacing for last gasp in a better voiced Bob Dylan, an equal Mike Scott (Waterboys, and solo) and spreading his golden eagle feathers to much more endless blue sky.  There is no exact blueprint, but each song dives into the soul of one person or another, entering without welcome, so soaked with common feel, familiar words, and sad despair, reaching down to untie your shoes, make you listen, and keep you close to the moment. Too decent to be a knife in the heart, but too great not to  be as instantly brought to your senses by.    This is a fantastic 11 song offering of unforgettable vivid sketches on staff lined canvas.  

 This prolific British composer is without ego, featuring a four piece band under the title The Little Unsaid. A premium mix of alt/folk/slow-core/classic 60's - 70's rebel pop/eclectic master of all universes, propels a gorgeous burn of songs that are at once important to whoever happens to be the lucky listener at the time. Elliot speaks about this album exposing humans about  impermanence.  The amazing part is after many months of isolation from each other, they came together and recorded this in one week. An absolute redeeming fact that even the Covid shutdown and attempt to kill art/family/or human emotions that spread larger than life (far bigger than any virus) will prevail.  And you the witness will understand this upon your purchase, sit down, and audition on a decent system without invasive distractions.

  All songs and lyrics were written by John Elliott. and he also produced it and partly recorded it. Engineered by Grace Banks (except track 10 recorded by John Elliott and Simon Lasnier). Mixing was tracks 1, 3, 6, 7 and 9 by Grace Banks, then tracks 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 11 by John Elliott. The wondrous band are: Mariya Brachkova – backing vocals, synths, Moog bass, organ, glockenspiel/ Alison D’Souza – viola/ John Elliott – vocals, piano, guitars, bass, ukulele, synths, programming/ Tim Heymerdinger – drums and percussion. Extra fine mastering by Patricio Ramsteed.  Beautiful glossy gate-fold CD jacket  with booklet in front pocket. You have your recommendation, DO NOT MISS THIS or any of the group's other releases. MOST HIGHLY CHERISHED.

 ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 12 - 29 - 2021

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