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Into the Herd
(2019 - Off Records/powered by MoonJune Records - Belgium)

To my ears, The Wrong Object just keep getting better and better, and with a measuring stick that begins with 'great', and has no known top mark. 'Into the Herd' their 7th official release (not counting a live demo CDr not on a label from 2015), features arresting performances that skate across a glossy surface of hybrid jazz fusion, progressive jazz rock, and variations all laying on an extra large dose of gladness to the listener.

Five compositions were written by Michel Delville (guitar, Roland GR09 synthesizer), three composed by Laurent Delchambre (drums, percussion, samples), and one by Antoine Guenet (keyboards). The remaining members are Pierre Mottet (bass),  Marti Melia (bass and tenor saxophone, clarinet), and Francois Lourtie (tenor and soprano saxophone). The double sax pieces stand out like 'Another Thing' (track 4), and an unusually dramatic and theatrical song 'Filmic' (track 5), gives the album even more vitality. When the band cooks, they do so with proficient velocity. In the gentle measures, all is agreeable to every ear.

The atmospheres range from enigmatical to lucid and playful. The motley line up of works keep you intrigued and grooving right along. The tune by Antoine Guenet (track7 - 'Many Lives') has contemplative piano, easy chair sax, a cadence bridge, and a carnival like chorus. The arrangement is lovely. Michel Delville's works are commanding and allow the others to execute their best. The drummer/percussionist's two pieces have vigor and an aggressive drive, with a letting loose on drumkit (especially on 'Psithurism' the ending track 9). The album was mastered by Mark Wingfield, a name most will recognize (yes he does many things well, other than play guitar).  

Easily a pick for a top choice in 2019 (I actually put it on my TOP CHOICES LIST OF 2018, as I received it early and thought originally it was a 2018 release). This band has once again, proven to be top notch, and able to tackle many styles at the same high level of musicianship. RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  3 - 21 - 2019

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