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TIM ARNOLD_Super Connected_COVER.jpg
Super Connected
(2023 - TA Music - UK)

With all the trap doors of a Godley & Creme concept album, the contrast of Peter Gabriel's fetal ballads and jolting counterparts, and in the early moments come the memories of the exciting aural of what David Sylvian and Mick Karn did with their 'Tin Drum' from the unforgettable group Japan. This initially stealthy piece of work by long time British musician Tim Arnold, shakes up the listener with the first couple of songs, picking at the curious nature in whoever might be ready to listen to something far more substantial than 90% of the media manipulations of this present time for citizens of the planet earth.  Part art pop, semi avant rock, experimental boundaries such as members of 10cc, Rupert Hine, and/or anything music, this is premium musical score for the most keen ears.  

The topic is so daily and yet ignored by the mass, it feels as if we have been waiting for someone to speak out about this , and one who has some power to push it out in the open. The songs are focused on various sources of how mutli-media is taking (or already has taken) control of our lives in every way.  So listen to this entire album so the diversions work as intended, and capture you in the warm cocoon this meticulous artist set out to succeed with.  The norm is NOT acceptable my good friend!   And if you think it is, then you are warped and indoctrinated into a test tube for terrified losers.

Even for me, a six decade music addict of all sorts, took a slight about face to accept this album. But it was only for the first three songs that took me off the expected path.  And once the next tunes rolled me up into a captive audience, the effort of the author was apparent and that magic moment of WOW, bang sparks and connection came quickly.  The freeze frames and shutter shots then took me on to the entire journey, transformed, not fooled or suckered like the specific media mania Tim was addressing, but a big fresh reveal and high five tribal smile, and recognition that this artist  is brave and intelligent.

Added to the fire comes the fact that the instruments and vocals are as such: vocals, pianos, guitars percussion, bass, and sampler. The album is programmed, written, arranged, and produce d by Tim Arnold.  A huge guest list includes 'Start With The Sound' – Vintage synths, drum machines and sound design by Jonathan Noyce, violins, violas and cello by Jonathan Hill, drums by Alexy Guerer. Mixed by Danny Monk. 'Super Connected' -Horns by Ben Castle, drums by Alexy Guerer, bass by Jonathan Noyce. Mixed by Danny Monk. 'You Like My Pictures' – Vintage synths and bass by Jonathan Noyce. Mixed by Danny Monk. 'The Touch Of A Screen' – Violin by Jonathan Hill, cello by Nick Holland, bass by Jonathan Noyce. Mixed by Danny Monk. 'Start A Conversation' – Vintage synths, drum machines and sound design by Jonathan Noyce, backing vocals by Alexy Guerer and Ben Pelchat.

Guest singers from the gathering on Zoom in lockdown, May 2021:
Michelle Olley, Dixie McDevitt, Kate Alderton, Nic Alderton, Ben Pelchat, Jessie Doyle, Roddy McDevitt, Larry Sidorczuk, Geoff Norris, Simon Reeves, Emma Watkinson, Melissa Mailer-Yates, Wayne Hoyle, Firak Di Bello, Daniella Maccari Anwen Fryer Burrows, Peter Stanford, Andy Lewis, William Humphrey’s, Nadine Page, Felix Page, Richard Arnold, Louise Arnold, Johnny Nigma, Andrew Schlussel, Jai Ramage, Jeremy Stockwell, Tom Calderbank, Jeremy and Claudia, Sabine Biermann and Holly Landeros. Mixed by Danny Monk and Tim Arnold.

'A Commercial Break' – Narrated by Stephen Fry, introduced by Kate Alderton, violin by Jonathan Hill, cello by Nick Holland. Mixed by Tim Arnold and Ben Pelchat. 'Everything Entertains' – Violin by Jonathan Hill, cello by Nick Holland, bass by Jonathan Noyce, drums by Hugo Degenhardt. Mixed by Ben Pelchat. 'Send More Light' – Violin by Jonathan Hill, Nick Holland. Mixed by Danny Monk. 'The Complete Solution' – Narration by Stephen Fry, drums by Josh Macintosh, bass by Jonathan Noyce. Mixed by Ben Pelchat. 'Where Am I In All Of This?' – Drums by Aley Guerer, bass by Jonathan Noyce. Mixed by Danny Monk. 'Finally Everybody’s Talking' – Drums by Alexy Guerer, bass by Jonathan Noyce. Mixed by Danny Monk. 'Make Me All Right' – Backing vocals by Ben Pelchat. Mixed by Ben Pelchat. This is an extremely important album and many wish more people would protest this obsessive control we now face. So trust me when I sway your ears and mind to imbibe this recording. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and a TOP CHOICE for 2023 list at Big Beautiful Noise.  ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!   

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 6 - 24 - 2023

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