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TRAMPOLENE_Love No Less Than A Queen_COVER.jpg
Love No Less Than A Queen
(2021 - Strap Originals - UK)

A larger than life 3rd album by three piece Welsh alt/art/pop band from  who make innovative music curling up the corners of Love and Rockets (Daniel Ash), The Kinks, cold wave (think Factory Records), modern techno, acoustic ballad in the 80's art scene, spoken word invocation, and highly melodic hook laden tunes. A sometimes whimsical dance friendly (but by no means all) set of songs that also binge on the off kilter creme pie of John Lennon, Donovan, and Brit pop of the 60's with unforgettable melodies.
One would not be mistaken to hear ghosts of The Hollies or the smooth pop of New Musik (Tony Mansfield led master group). Also expect to hear dramatic pieces that leave the heart tender and wishing for more.  The core band are Jack Jones (vocals, guitar), Jay Bone (drums,piano, backing vocals), and Wayne Thomas (bass, keyboards, backing vocals), but they use guests to ice the cake. Not an easy band to classify and certainly not what one would expect under the umbrella of alt rock label. Much more to discover here. RECOMMENDED!

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 9 - 25 - 2021
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