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(2019 - Bafe's Factory - Finland)

Doing visionary, mesmerizing, and magical things with their voices (and music) these four fascinating Finnish women artists present their 2nd full length album 'Rajatila/Borderline.' Their debut featured what they coined "Vocal Folk Hop" but that description is simply not adequate with this one. Even more mystical, Tuuletar go deeper into the hallowed regions of the spirit world, slipping outside of ancient folktales, sometimes in delicate voice, other times in exercise of curious out of body resolve. In whatever the subject, all 11 works are masterful and phenomenal.

Far more experimental and avant-garde this release, the adventurous outfit of Venla Ilona Blom, vocals, beatboxing. percussion/ Sini Koskelainen, vocals / Johanna Kyykoski, vocals, pokers/ and Piia Sailynoja, vocals, hand drum, with guests Pekko Kappi - bowed lyre, vocals/ and Antti Paalanen - accordion, roaring, have made an empirical and superior recording that early fans of the groundbreaking Swedish/Finnish hybrid band Hedningarna wish that group had continued from their beginnings. In fact, I looked hard for the possibility that any of the female singers from that band might have been part of Tuuletar. Even with the occasional said influences popping up to western ears, those styles are far from what is expected. For instance, any dance or techno may perhaps have a steady drum beat, however the vocals, various instruments and effects, are arranged in a whole different world.

The translated title ('Borderline') is very telling as to the stretched to the limits performances and compositions that illustrate each venture. Each song is translated for English only speaking audience as well. The initial listen will keep you in a pleasant suspense, with soul lifting conclusion. Following auditions continue to supply the listener with hidden discoveries and significant boundaries that have been crossed. This is a must have, a remarkable recording of many layers and great breadth. A fine physical package with lyrics, eye catching artwork, and pictures over a 6 panel digipak. This will clear the cobwebs out of your mind. GIGANTIC RECOMMENDATION.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 8 - 17 - 2019

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