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Vildaluodda / Wildprint
(2019 - Bafe's Factory - Finland)


[for North America, you can order CD at Amazon]

By the time you finish listening, you will be left speechless, or in such a state of mind, you will just smile and feel release. Another superior album released by the award winning Finnish (Helsinki) independent music label Bafe's Factory. This duo consists of Hilda Lansman (Samiland/Finland) - vocals, joik, drum, and Viivi Maria Saarenkyla (Finland) - accordion, backing vocals. A wonderful list of guests include: Niillas Holmberg on backing vocals; Venla Ilona Blom on beatboxing and backing vocals; Mikko Heikinpoika Neuvonen on throat singing and backing vocals; Stiliana Ravelska Tyrkko on violin, viola; and backing vocals; Christopher Rodulfo on calabash, hand clapping and backing vocals; Nathan Riki Thomson on hand clapping; and Mikko Renfors on programming.

Hilda is the daughter of Ulla Pirttijarvi (who also did a project recently under the name Assu) which if you have been keeping up with my reviews, you will know I put a collaboration of her and her daughter's pristine debut release Solju 'Odda Aigodat/New Times', on my TOP CHOICES of 2018 list.

Vilda bring in modern pop elements at times, but never making it a majority, only a part of the music, and not done in a novice or trendy manner. With haunting effect, even the techno beat influence is done with extraordinary mysticism. The accordion has that wet reverb, as if being played from a cave much of the time. The balance of slow dreamy meditations and upbeat yoik (the ancient singing tradition of the Sami) are unearthly, and in that surrealistic state, on a plateau far above the clouds (at least for western ears). They do a superb version of a Marie Boine composition 'Goaskinviellja - Eagle Brother' (track #8), which brings about the incredible vocal capabilities from Hilda, and the larger than life talents of Viivi on accordion.  (see 2nd link on You Tube provided above)

The album cover displays the music well, speaking of, the physical package is gorgeous, with a 6 panel digipak, adding another stunning photo of the two women, plus info and lyric booklet. The two musicians met after hearing each others previous music, with the idea that the traditional Finnish accordion and the yoik could be brought together. 'Wildprint' is the result, a heavenly outcome. Certainly a ornate hybrid of traditional folk, boundless Sami, and music that glistens in the ears of the audience. Each woman provides compositions for the project. Production, mixing, engineering, and mastering is done to perfection, as is every notes played by everyone involved.

Vilda have created a treasure with a phenomenon of shaman spirit, shadow, sunlight, sacred places, and special hideways. 'Wildprint' is spatial, contemplative, and a journey both intimate and overflowing with life. How can any music be more beautiful than this I ask? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 6 - 10 - 2019
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