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La Revolte Des Couverts
(2019 - Train Fantome - France)

Every release by Wildmimi is an invitation to an act the world has to hear to believe. This 4th one is no exception. There is drama, 3 ring circus, humor, heart throb passages, escape artist, and no net moments of utter daredevil exhibitions. Yes sir, another one of the greatest shows on earth and beyond. 'La Revolte Des Couverts' (the cutlery's revolt), is an immaculate execution yet again, from composer/author/performer and arranger Remi Sciuto, a much in demand French jazz musician, who serves his talents to endless other combos and projects.

I reviewed the 2nd Wildmimi release 'Rêves et fantasmes d'une chaussure ordinaire' (see review here in BBN), which I gave a huge recommendation. The same applies here. Perhaps the subject is about a failed revolution, but I assure every listener, the music representing it is epic and without peer. Remi won first prize soloist award in the National Jazz Competition of La Defense, back in 2001. As well, he graduated at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris /Jazz Class (1st class honors). If those stats don't impress, then you might be dead. So you must listen to his music to see for yourself.

On 'La Revolte Des Couverts', the credits are: Remi Sciuto  - composition, arrangements, production, vocals, saxes, flutes, clarinets, keyboards, lyrics (except 'Yours Truly' which are by Marjolaine Karlin) :  Antonin Rayon -  piano, B3 organ, clavinet : Vincent Taeger - drums, percussion :  Herve Jegousso - bass guitar (2/4/5/6) :  Fred Pallem - bass guitar (1, 8, 3) : Matthias Mahler - trombone :  Sylvain Bardiau - trumpet : and Frederic Gastard - bass, tenor, soprano saxes. The music is full of magic in the most magnificent way. When you read my review on his 2nd release, then this recording can be seen as a master class in perfection, and served in a tall glass.

This hybrid of all the most wonderful avant/eccentric/theatrical/outer body/fully loaded concept release for large band, has no limits on how great the collage can be. It exists on the platter and happily crawls out of the speakers to join you in your own headspace. Like the previous three releases (actually the 3rd was made specifically as circus music), the elements of stage, new opera, carnival, and pieces of a puzzle only the moment at hand can identify and accept, are all present. This is a true avant-Garden of Eden. The huge Christian Kolonovitz reference still appears, as does the most dramatic gems of Mike Batt, Robert Wyatt, and historical giants like Michael Mantler, plus an ambrosia of classical composers, all poised under a glowing geo dome, in a secret location. Your ticket is here! Take it if you are smart. Buy a copy to keep the excellence of this vision coming.

No pigeon holes here, and no stagnation. Nothing to easily identify, only progress and scattered emotions like a white hot campfire that Remi decided to kick around and witness the results. An absolute epiphany of sorts, with eons of coals to keep it burning bright. 'La Revolte Des Couverts' is brilliant in its entirety. ULTRA GIANT RECOMMENDATION.

   ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 3 - 21 - 2019

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