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Rêves et fantasmes d'une chaussure ordinaire
(2011 -  Chant Du Monde - FRANCE)

A most impressive performance from multi talented French composer Remi Sciuto, that covers colorful ground combining what Kolonovits ‎did on 'Life Is Just A Carnival' (back in 1976), neo opera, theatrical, avant-garde, lots of rock and pop, nods to Mike Batt And Friends  ‎(think 'Tarot Suite'), Michael Mantler (think 'The Hapless Child'), and Carla Bley (especially her involvement  with 'Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports'). Add the big band element, then the beauty of melancholy dream music in just the right spots. Rémi Sciuto is a brilliant composer and  multi instrumentalist, not to leave out vocalist and author.

Released on the famous French label (Chant Du Monde) , founded in 1938,  who had a brief relationship with Albert  Marcœur (1984), Art Zoyd (1971), released a lot of Magma, and issued some of John Greaves albums ('Songs','Chansons', and 'The Trouble With Happiness'), the gigantic  roaster of artists goes on forever. Wildmimi is in incredible company. A mouth full of adjectives are demanded for this release, as it treads over so many terrains. A thrilling listen, with pleasure to the ears and soul at every moment. Premium participation from:

Bass Saxophone – Frédéric Gastard
Composed By, Arranged By, Lyrics By,  Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals – Rémi Sciuto
Drums – Antonin Leymarie
Guitar, Bass – Fred Pallem
Keyboards – Antonin Rayon
Percussion – Nicolas Mathuriau
Recorded By – Pierre Luzy
Recorded By [Assistant] – Florent Bobet
Synth – Boris Boublil
Trombone – Matthias Mahler
Trumpet – Sylvain Bardiau     

With the diversity that walks and runs around the corner to wayward destinations as aforementioned, plus classical, jazz, and even a surprise pop up of psychedelic and quirky electronic parts, it is clear that one of the greatest shows on earth is here on this recording. A circus and stage performance no one will forget, complete with every emotion displayed on its sleeve. HUGH RECOMMENDATION!

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  11 - 20 - 2010

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