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Sweet Silence
(2021 - self release - Spain)

It is always so appealing (yet rare) to find musical artists who make music without any pretense but more than enough affection to the work they create. If you love breezy quasi psychedelic and innocent beautiful pop in the vein of The Heavy Blinkers, Beach Boys (in fact she does cover tunes by them on another release), The Capybaras (early sound "It's Capybara Time!"), Wondermints (early era and in a lesser production). then this is a must. The genre of sunshine pop most surely fits as well.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela 1981, she is self described as a songwriter, day-dreamer, drum teacher and crazy cat lady, which will surprise many since this Spanish composer/singer/writer brings a forefront of gentle acoustic guitar and magical sweet voice to her songs. Additional touches of percussion, keyboards, and bass are used in just the perfect amount. The 60's influence is instant but so deliciously done, that all fans of this yesterday style will happily welcome it.  With five full albums and a number of EPs, this artist is not afraid to make lo-fi dreamcore, or nicely arranged simple, intimate, and ear pleasing music to make even a grouch smile. Information about her on the web is not plentiful and she seems totally modest without any promotion or ego. She only has one previous group listed under Navy Blue (2009) which is a full line up of musicians, however she writes all the music. Discovery of her music is best found on Bandcamp (see reference link at top).

Without much aid, Yani creates these recordings. On this newest (2021) all songs were written, recorded, played and produced by Martinelli. The only others involved were Jacobo Aguirre (mastering), Shirka Maya (cover art), Carmen Ros (album design) and Matthew Mondanile (backing vocals and ending guitar solo on "Everything in time"). The album is rich and full,  dedicated to Yani's late nonna Caterina Martinell. With that I urge you to listen and see for yourself. Grab that atmosphere of early Burt Bacharach again, relax and form a few smiles yourself. RECOMMENDED.

 ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 12 - 04 - 2021

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