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Zoku Metsu
(2021 - Alrealon Musique - Canada)

[A limited edition of 200 vinyl albums, hand numbered, full color art even on inner sleeve, on 140 gram, beautifully presented and sure to be a collector's item. Get it while you can! Support physical format and help the artist(s) make back some of the money they spend to produce these gems. Most do not know how much the albums cost along with the fees from Bandcamp, Paypal, and any other "middle" taker in the process. ]. Note: I got #184 out of the 200.

Do you miss the headtrip days of 1970 Krautrock, German space-rock and the further experimentations of what Faust and bands in that ilk did?  You will love this then. I must add that Ron Anderson told me that the Krautrock influences were only a starting point. As listeners will witness, the music explores and rolls over territory far past that genre in many instances. One will recognize the craft of Richard Pinhas of the great French band Heldon (as well as his own great solos), the more extreme electronic collages of 'out there' artists from same era (France and Italy  mainly), and even bubbling teutonic endeavors. While I always try to mention familiar comparisons for readers to identify with, I withhold more sound alikes due to the fact that these two artists create new pieces, all their own, and in varied capsules of what their ears and minds put to sound canvas at the time.

Robert L. Pepper (Pas Musique, The Jazzfakers) does  drum programming and plays all keyboards, while Ron Anderson (PAK, The Molecules, Ronruins), plays guitar thru all digital and analog effect modules. Fans of Ron's previous output may be a bit surprised at the distant change of styles from his complex math/metal/progressive/turn on a dime adventures, but this is a sweet kind of shift. One that requires just as much attention for detail and absorption as either of the two musicians here have put out in the past. Robert and Ron are in New York (about 15 minutes from each other) so the isolation we face (still) thru the last 2 years did not totally wreck their project.  Pepper and Anderson first worked together with Philippe Petit and David Tamura,"Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds" (a CD on Public Eyesore Records - 2010).

Note that the label is a independent one that ignores all fashion and rigid business prostitution in the music industry, taking on and spreading music that might never be heard otherwise. A champion label for that alone, in my opinion, and that which sits perfectly beside the whole philosophy of Big Beautiful Noise music magazine.  Another note that I got from Ron is that the album was actually pressed in the Czech Republic (I suspect Alrealon Musique uses this source to both aid in financial sustainable products and as most likely a cordial and simpatico relationship). All songs written and composed by Zoku Metsu. Art by Robert L. Pepper/ Mixed by Robert L. Pepper and Mastered by Ron Anderson.  

The whole affair is based on the chosen words Zoku Metsu as the name of the band. It is an expression  from the Japanese word Zokumetsu meaning “destroy the whole family”. That word translates to ideas of reinventing (and in this case, the reorganizing of studio techniques). So the lazy Susan of rotating designs is of planned concept from the start. This is not a playground of improvisation without smart play, long experience, or deep forethought. It is the difference between same old white bread and new recipe multi-grains.  The headtrip part is of old but the execution is contemporary. The album is a pleasure from start to finish and indeed is a must listen in this very manner. Needle drops are forbidden, headphones late night are suggested.  RECOMMENDED!

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 10 - 15 -2021

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